Estate Planning

Advantage Legal Services provides a comprehensive program of estate planning services to help you manage immediate and long-term fiscal matters in the interest of protecting yourself and your family. Use the links below to learn more about our many beneficial financial services, and then contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Living Wills & Trusts


There are few matters of more concern than the future survival and health of close family. Arranging an estate plan that reflects the care and consideration for your heirs, including your spouse, your children or other loved individuals is an important part of ensuring that they are protected from future difficulties when there is no plan in place. Those that own businesses or own large assets or property can require a carefully crafted plan that includes various types of trusts and other documents to ensure that the chosen heirs are cared for should an unexpected incident leave them without their loved one.

Estate planning is based upon the intentions of the individual or business owner, and the importance of having a well-crafted estate plan cannot be underestimated. We are here to help, with personal and professional legal service from Advantage Legal Services.

We serve individuals, families and business owners throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area with trusted legal counsel in all matters surrounding estate planning, probate, and other critical personal and business arrangements that should be in place to protect your family. As skilled legal counsel in the area, our firm provides professional representation in all matters of estate planning and probate, including probate administration, estate administration, estate litigation, estate taxes, tax planning, court proceedings, distribution of assets, assets protection, breach of fiduciary duty, probate litigation, guardianship, avoidance, benefits of probate, will & trusts, living will & trusts, and assisting in the drafting of a clearly written last will and testament.

How to Protect Assets in Estate Planning

Those who have concern about their estate, and how to best protect assets have a real reason for concern. The taxation level can result in huge financial losses for your heirs if the estate is not carefully constructed, taking advantage of the opportunities to pass on as much of the value of your estate as possible. This includes the creation of all types of trusts, based upon the value of the properties and other assets, including business ownership, stock accounts, properties, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other assets.

We have been assisting business owners, individuals and couples in all estate planning matters for years, and are trusted, experienced tri county estate planning lawyers.

These matters are not determined without a full review of all assets and an insightful and effective estate plan being arranged, with all documentation in place. As each individual has completely different desires, assets and circumstances, the creation of a complete and effective plan is based on interviews conducted with the client, to understand fully their wishes with regard to the passing on of their estate.

Without a comprehensive and complete estate plan in place, or any failure to have the pertinent documents executed can cause serious problems and losses for your heirs in the future. When the plan is complete, there is a much lower possibility that there will be future legal attacks on the will or other part of the estate during probate. The attorney is committed to seeking out the best possible arrangement that provides for passing on the highest percentage of the estate under current law. As laws change, it is important that you have an attorney that will stay abreast of changes and keep you informed when any changes are necessary.

Estate Administration

Estate administration involves the proper handling of an estate after a person dies. Where the decedent has left a will, the estate of the decedent is handled in accordance to the will. Where no will is left, the distribution of assets is done according to the law of the state.

Where the decedent left a last will and testament, the person designated to manage the administration is called the executor and where no will is left, the administrator or personal representative. Administering an estate is a complex matter and calls for the assistance of a trusted and professional estate planning.

We serve the Detroit metropolitan area with professional high quality estate administration assistance to executors and administrators. The attorney guides the clients through presentation and approval of the will if there is one and notification of creditors and heirs. The firm prepares all legal documents required by the court and appears in all court proceedings. When there is estate litigation he carefully prepares the case to prevent successful court challenges to the management of the estate. The attorney guides the executor or administrator in preparation of the inventory of estate assets, review of creditor claims, preparation of tax returns and final petition for distribution of assets.

Distribution of Assets

Estate administration matters are complex and call for a knowledge of current case law, tax laws and the procedures of local courts. As trusted and professional estate administration lawyers, our attorneys carefully direct all aspects of the estate administration and guides the matter to a final distribution of assets.

The firm is proud of their long term legal counsel to individuals throughout Wayne Oakland and Macomb Counties. Our estate planning lawyers are available to discuss your personal matter and to create a plan that reflects your wishes, while protecting assets through all options provided under current state and federal law.

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