Guardianship becomes necessary when there is a need to appoint a caretaker of incompetent persons. This could be a guardian to care for minor children whose parents have died, are unavailable or unfit. It is also a means of caring for elder persons no longer able to handle their financial affairs or make medical decisions. For assistance in establishing a guardianship call today for a consultation with one of our attorneys

The Benefits of Guardianship

When minor children are involved, it is important to have the official status of guardianship. If the parents have died, guardianship is necessary to manage funds left by the parents through inheritance or life insurance. It also gives legal status to authorize medical care or apply for public benefits. It also protects the guardian from charges of kidnapping.

Where there are unfit parents, a petition for guardianship is a means to take control of the children and then retain control free from parent interference.

Regarding the care for elder persons, guardianship may be necessary where the incompetent person is being abused by unscrupulous salespersons or simply cannot handle finances. Guardianship also allows the guardian to make medical decisions.

At Advantage Legal Services we are known for trusted counsel in delicate situations. WE are able to advise clients on the handling of their funds and preparations of needed court documents. We are prepared to defend guardians in court proceedings and seek restraining orders when unfit parents intrude.

Contact us today for guidance in guardianship matters.

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