Living Wills & Trusts

Living WILLS & TRUSTS can be used to provide for the possibility of becoming incapacitated. They can be used to dictate medical treatment, allow access to one's bank account and qualify one for long term medical care...

Our attorneys are well reputed among neighbors, friends, business owners and others in the community for their help in preparing wills and trusts. They explain to clients how wills and trusts can be used achieve their objectives including the avoidance of probate if they wish. The firm then diligently prepares wills and trusts to carry out their clients' intentions.

Last Will & Testament

A last will and testament is a precise tool for individuals to dispose of their estate. When clients come to our firm, our attorneys learn from the client what the client wants to do and writes the will in specific, unambiguous language. The attorney makes sure all children are mentioned. This is important as will contests can result when a child claims to be left out by mistake. The attorneys also make sure the will respects spouses' rights.

Living Wills

This is a document in which one can direct treatment in the situation of being in a coma, terminal condition or vegetative state with no reasonable expectation of recovery. One may order medical personnel to stop prolonging one's life through nourishment or water. The medical personnel may continue to provide medication to alleviate pain.

We are a team of seasoned estate planning attorneys in the Detroit area, skilled in the preparation of living trusts, living revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts to assist clients in preparing for incapacity.

Contact us today for accomplished preparation of living wills and trusts.

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